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Heaven’s Kingdom Within – by Matthew Coombs

Heaven's Kingdom Within
Heaven’s Kingdom Within – By Matt Coombs
Heaven’s Kingdom Within
This amazing story by Matt Coombs reveals that church members believing they are filled and empowered by God’s Spirit may simply be living a good religious life, but not tasting the abundant life promised by Jesus Christ.  Discover there’s more to knowing God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  I dare you to read this Book.
Dr. Larry Keefauver
Internationally known speaker and best selling author
The power of the Spirit of Holiness and Truth that is deposited in each believer’s life is the key to unlock all the mysteries of the Kingdom Jesus came to demonstrate.  I trust, as Matthew shares his quest to know the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and walk in the Kingdom of God, you will be inspired to join him.
Gordon Tessler, PhD
Nationally recognized author, teacher, and natural health practitioner
Revelation of God’s Word is an exciting thing when deep thoughts and secrets of His Kingdom become alive for the first time.  Matthew has found some of the deep thoughts and secrets as is revealed in this book.  It is truly with the anointing that the understanding of deep meanings and concepts is life changing.  Thank you for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit in writing this book.
Rodger Kenworthy
Founder, Abba Oil llc.
Heaven's Kingdom Within
Heaven’s Kingdom Within – By Matt Coombs



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